Monday, August 13, 2012

Florida Southern College vs. Club Atlético de Cuba (1915)

Taken from Heraldo de Cuba, Dec. 25, 1915, p. 9.
In the first international football contest in Cuba since the University of Florida's disputed game in 1912, the Cuban Athletic Club (CAC) defeated Southern College (Florida Southern) on Christmas Day 1915 by a score of 7 to 6. According to coverage from Diario de la Marina, the two teams' defenses dominated the scoreless first half. A poor kick-off at the beginning of the second half gave Southern College good field position. They took advantage and scored the first touchdown of the game but missed the extra point attempt. In the fourth quarter, the CAC overcame a few penalties by completing a couple of long passes. These long plays set-up a touchdown run and their go-ahead extra point. Despite this loss, Southern College got their revenge on New Year's Day by destroying the "Tigres" by a score of 47 to 0 in Tampa.

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