Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Howard College (Samford University) vs. University of Havana (1927)

From El Mundo, Nov. 29, 1927, p. 27.
The Howard College football team.
On November 28, 1927, the Howard College "Bulldogs" defeated the University of Havana "Caribes" by a score of 20-6. Billy Bancroft, Howard's team captain and star quarterback, led the Bulldogs with two touchdowns and one extra point in the first half. Entering the second half with a score of 13-0, both teams went scoreless in the third quarter. The Caribes scored their lone touchdown at the beginning of the fourth quarter on a short touchdown pass, cutting the lead to 13-6. On the following possession, the Bulldogs answered with a long touchdown drive that put the game out-of-reach. 

From El Mundo, Nov. 29, 1927, p. 27.
The "Four Horsemen" of Howard College: Bancroft, Van Buskirk, Harris, and Bradley.
According to the account of the game that appeared in El Mundo, the Howard Bulldogs' rushing game was outstanding. The author of the account commends the Americans for their blocking and patience of the ball carriers, going so far as to say the blocking alone was so well executed and so effective that it was worth the price of admission. The author also asserts that the game was a good learning experience for the University of Havana's football team and other Cuban football players in attendance.

From El Mundo, Nov. 29, 1927, p. 27.
The University of Havana football team.
As for the Howard Bulldogs, this victory in Havana capped one of the most successful football seasons in its team's history. In the regular season, the Bulldogs went 5-2-2, with victories against Spring Hill, Jacksonville Normal, Mercer, Marion, and Birmingham Southern (in the first football game held at Birmingham's Legion Field). Howard also tied Loyola University and Auburn, and lost games against Millsaps and Mississippi College. Coach Chester C. Dillion, Howard's head coach and athletic director, accepted invitations to play two postseason games. The Bulldogs defeated the newly formed University of Miami football team in Coral Gables by as score of 52-0. Shortly after victory against the Hurricanes, the Howard team steamed to Havana for their game against the Caribes. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

PHOTO: Howard College (Samford University) vs. University of Havana (1927)

From El Mundo, November 29, 1927, p. 29.
I have been pretty busy lately. My next blogpost will be about a game played in 1927 between Howard College (now Samford University) and the University of Havana. It was the first football game played between a team from Alabama and a Cuban team. Here is an in-game photo from a Cuban newspaper. A full post is coming soon.