Friday, February 15, 2013

University of Tampa vs. Club Atlético de Cuba (1934)

University of Tampa football team (Moroccan, 1936)
In 1934, the University of Tampa football team ended its second year with two games against Club Atlético de Cuba (CAC). On December 15, the Spartans defeated the Tigres in Tampa by a score of 38-13. With the game well in hand in the fourth quarter, Tampa coach Nash Higgins deployed what Ed Ray of the Tampa Daily Times called the "Four Fatted Bulls" offense. The backfield of this offense consisted of four offenseive linemen: Ray Hurn, a 220-lb guard; Emory Brown, a 250-lb tackle; Wilbur Gunnoe, a 216-lb guard; and Marion Lee, a 300-lb tackle. The Four Fatted Bulls used their weight to their advantage as they successfully drove the ball 45 yards for a Tampa touchdown.

In late December, the University of Tampa football and basketball teams traveled to Cuba for the football team's rematch with the CAC and for two basketball games against Vedado Tennis Club and the CAC. On December 30, the Spartans shutout the Tigres on the gridiron by a score of 25-0. The Cuban clubs got a measure of revenge on the hardwood, with Vedado winning 32-25 and the CAC dominating its game with Tampa by a score of 42-19.

Photo of the University of Tampa, c.1940.
As an aside, the University of Tampa began operations in 1931 as Tampa Junior College. In 1933, the school moved from Hillsborough High School to the former Tampa Bay Hotel. For more images and information, see and

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